Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Surf in Long Beach??

Hammer Lines
Self-portrait with iPhone in Target

Unless this shirt
was made pre-1949 when the Breakwater was built, I assume the shirt designers were sitting in a sterile mid-western cubical thinking of beaches to make shirts about and Long Beach came to their mind.
Looking on a map, it looks like surfing here in Long Beach would be amazing! But these shirt designers and the buyers for Target boys are out of their minds.
There is NO surf in Long Beach.

Thanks to the Breakwater.
Heres the specs and why LB has polluted water, no surf and an extremely long beach!

"The Long Beach California Breakwater Is the largest man made breakwater in the world. Made of three gigantic walls of rock, it was completed in 1949 and extends about 2 1/2 miles in front of Long Beach's residential beaches. It's original objective was to thwart submarines and torpedoes during World War II. Sitting in about 50 feet of water the breakwater rises between 10 to 13 feet above the surface."

Shoot, I can't find where I found this...the source is missing. If you know it, send me the link.
Thanks Justin. heres my source.
For now.
Don't buy this shirt unless you beat it up, run it over, put bleach marks and make it look circa 1948. Oh and remove the current date "2008"

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