Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The Mai Tai bar at the Pike in Long Beach just signed me as their official photographer. Go into Mai Tai for a few drinks, meet some new people and check out my photography...I'm currently working on a 12 month Calendar featuring their servers looking good.
This is an image I took of Ralph's lady Jasmine. It may end up being an early sample of the calendar. I'm thinking April 2009 for this shot.

visit Mai Tai Bar at the Pike, across from the Aquarium.

This shot is an option for the June Calendar.

UPDATE: (8.13.08) Mai Tai will no longer be using my images or my photographic skill due to their lack of resources and ability to think outside the box. After 3 months of working for an undisclosed amount, Mai Tai would not cooperate or sign a deal for me to become their official photographer. Its sad when it comes down to people and companies just wanting free handouts. Take care of me, I'll take care of you. Thats how it works with me.

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Jazzy said...

You're amazing! What more could we ask for!?!?!

Thanks for being you!