Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shot of the Week (5.15.2008)

This weeks favorite shot (that I took) has to be this one right here.

Shot from a Robinson R-44 helicopter.
Last night over Long Beach.

If you want to own this image and mount it on your wall, I don't blame you. Tell me the size you want and I'll print this thing!




Anonymous said...

The white ones ours

Samuel Lippke said...

Haha! I love your comments. They make me happier then a good nights sleep after a holiday dough fight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel, You're a great photographer. Very talented. Steve
Sheldon from the DLBA is a good-looking guy.I'd like to see more pictures of him.He looks a lot like
Matt Damon.Hollywood should call him to be Matt's double.

Nathan said...

What were your'e motives for taking this picture?