Monday, May 19, 2008


Suja Lowenthal

2nd district Council Member. My favorite Council Member of all time, great to talk with, easy going, extremely knowledgeable and she's dong some great things in Long Beach. Here’s what I've learned. She's been encouraging reduction of water waste. Suja was recently signed on as the youngest member appointed to the regional water board, she is also working hard to get Long Beach's 2nd district much needed parking spaces, and she is a constant help at the Long Beach Rescue Mission, Suja is well on her way to making Long Beach the #1 City to live in Southern California. We need more Sujas!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, fuck Acres of Books. We need more Sujas... I want Long Beach to be Orange County, now!

Samuel Lippke said...

Its sad that the historic Acres of books is being bought out.
Suja isn't trying to create another orange county. What shes doing in the downtown area is resurrecting it. It needs serious help and its on its way back up. I do agree with your sarcasm on a certain level, we need to focus more on culture and the rest will follow. Suja knows how to get things done. Shes what our city needs. Acres of books should have been saved, but obviously there are alot of things going on below the surface... its not in one persons hands... also...acres got BOUGHT out.

Samuel Lippke said...

lets rip out the walmart instead.