Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Note From Cuba

Luis (middle) is a Student at the Havana College.
I spent 3 days with him and his friends... they treated me like family and I did the same in return... Heres what he wrote me.

"Hi Samuel, you can´t imagine how much I miss you, and the rest of the
group too, you know you change our life for ever because we never
tough that one day we going to meet someone so special like you.
I feel sad because I can´t meet you since the first day you was here in
Cuba, we just spend 3 days with you, I have to say that
you are like a god*,
because not everyday someone meet a nice boy like you.
You are young but you have a great heart, more bigger than your body,
you are kind, brave, honest, a real friend, and you accept me like I
am, today I check in the internet all your webpages, photos, your work
is really cool, I have to congratulate you, for all the good things
you made and make in the present too. I know that you going to be very
famouos one day and this day is very soon. Please never forget me, I
am still crying because you leave. We wait outside of the airport
until your plain enter to the sky, well I guess that you are in
mexico now I hope you see this email anyway I´m going to send it for
your normal email too, well bye for now but I have still many things
to tell you, excuse the way I write but I´m not so good writing, I
understand and speak well but I have many trouble for write in english
ah!!!, bye little mouse take care and you was so kind and good with me
that I have to say I LOVE YOU a big hug your friend Luis."

I'll post more from Luis and his thoughts on a Post Fidel Cuba... He's mentioned that he wants to marry a girl from Equador. He writes "...maybe I get married with a friend she is from Ecuador and can help me to get out of this country."

When Luis sent me that note, it made me sad to read it, but it also made me happy to know that I could go somewhere, meet a group of people and effect their lives in such a way...

*I think he meant hero.


Matt said...

I totally know that feeling, it's amazing; when you meet one of those people out there who shine and effect the people around them in ways uncommon amongst most people. And they shake your life up for a while, and when they're gone and the pieces settle, it's only then you realise how special they are.

It must have felt really good changing someone's life like that.

Dancer said...

You light up my life you little hero

Dancer said...

He seems awesome

Anonymous said...

hey samuel,
what lens/camera did you use for that shot. its sick.

and i dig the way the letter is written, it's really illustrative, like biblical poetry. (ex. Revelations) if you catch what I'm saying.

Samuel Lippke said...

Hey Jonny B. (Is this Bruce?)
I shot it with the Canon 5D. The lens is the Canon 28mm 1.8 fixed.
Revelation style poetry? Hmmm... I'll have to read it again with that in mind. thanks for the observation.