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Feb 2, CUBA journals: 18 Stories

Feb 2, 08
Today Was A Good Day

I spent most of the day (noon – until now) w/ the university crew.
Its so nice to be around my generation again. I walked to the market, bought veggies for dinner, soda & cervesa. Each cervesa is 1 cuc. Which is a lot to the Cubans. So I felt rich buying 10!
The girls live on floor 18. Each floor has 17 steps, the elevator is currently broken. 3 times up and down and my legs are once again done for! (306 steps to the top x 3 times = 918 steps!)
This culture is sooo different! The water only flows into the sinks, toilet and showers for 2 hours each day* 6-8pm I was able to experience the stock piling of water for the other 22 hours when agua didn’t flow. Another thing I take for granted.
The rooms in this place aren’t furnished. Only a set of bunk beds per room. “oh how nice it would be to have a couch right here” I said at least 4 times. Dinner making was interesting, especially preparing the lettuce…which took nearly 30 minutes for one head. Such filthy lettuce! Leslie (one of the girls, who looks like Christina Ricci) helped me hand wash each leaf by pouring water over it w/ a cup! Yeah, salad never will taste the same.
We went on the roof. 280ft up. Mini fences (small, not meaning plenty) I took pictures of the sunset, caught a pigeon & sipped Cuban Beer. An Amazing highlight indeed.
I’m not sure how many people keep sugar under their bed in Tupperware besides these Cubans. Although I may start when I get home.
Great day indeed. I also ate 2 hamburgers I helped make (or burn one) I need to edit some pictures.
Good night indeed.
Remind me to talk politics. (or at least Write it.)


*Not sure if this was just for their building or for the whole neighborhood...I doubt this is for the whole city.

18 stories of pure workout

The Market was in an old shed down the street. Unmarked and unclean.

Bright Colors Dominate Habana

I was starving, so Leslie made me a hamburger...
yeah, this is how they make um!

As you can tell, I ate the I'm happy.

Best meal ever! I ate even more then the night before. Maybe I can gain a few of those 10 pounds I lost while trying to spend $8 a day!

Cristal is sexy, don't you agree?

Rooftop sunset viewing. These fences wouldn't do well in CA. insurence companies would flippp!

Yeah, they would really flipppppp!

My Cuban friends quickly got used to the many images I would capture.
Rooftop relaxing.

More relaxation.

The pet Pigeon and my crew.

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