Monday, March 10, 2008

CUBA: Final Note

Final Note

This trip is and has been the most emotional trip I have ever taken… actually the 2nd most emotional!(Banda Aceh can't be beaten if we are talking about harshness and adventure) This Cuba trip has been a life changer as well.
Would I do it again?
…I’m not sure….
there were times I wanted to give up, times I wanted to throw in the towel and call it quits. But I didn’t’ (plus I couldn't) and now I feel the rewards.
Cheers to adventure, 2 cheers for being uncomfortable and risking much, 18 cheers for priceless memories, pockets full of info & new knowledge & most of all, cheers to Cuba & A Coming Change...

The End…
…[The adventure] To Be Continued

Luis walking on the street with me

another roof shot of me.


  • The Cubans: Luis & Leslie (Pronounced Lay-Lee)(see B&W picture of Leslie below) Thought I should be a famous singer. My voice is better then my pictures? (Ahh Ohh! I may be in trouble if that’s the case)
  • Ralph is the heartthrob now. Everyone wanted to see pictures of him again & again.
  • I’ve inspired the crew of students to get in shape. We walked up 18 flights of stars everyday at least 3 times a day. Elevator was broken . now they are going to do it even when it works. Also go to the gym.
  • I sleep & eat more then these people.
  • Buses seat 40 but can holed up to 85 people, you often breath 3 other peoples breathe before getting a fresh one. Really easy to get sick.
  • Fires are everywhere…not sure why…burning garbage, brush, ect.
  • The sun is hotter here. Burning made easy.
  • Downtown Habana has no beach…just a Grande Wall
  • Pens suck here (mine jiggles a lot) That’s why I use tape.
  • My English is horrible now. I now talk w/ an accent.

OH! & Cheers to getting back home safely!

Leslie in the doorway.

Relaxin on some steps after walking miles and more miles.

Goodbye Cuba.
I'm outa here!!!


Anonymous said...

i'm sure you hear it enough, but you are a very talented photographer...and your shots are super sweet! i just started reading your blog, and got to thinking:

a) what inspired you to pick up photography?

b) is that a piercing or a scar (lower lip)?

c) how in the world do you keep in shape with all the traveling you do?

Samuel Lippke said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for reading my blog, I'll try to answer your questions truthfully ;)

a. I've always loved documenting life. I'm very detail oriented and I am observant. I love artistic form and light. I love working with people and having influence on them... Photography matches all those mediums for me.

b. Its not a piercing, nor a scar, its a mole... I've had it all my life... I'm lucky its directly in the center of my chin under my lip.

c. I keep in shape by eating healthy, as well as pushing myself to the limits. I actually work out alot while traveling. Weather it be climbing up Mayan ruins, or running up Notre Dame, or carrying all my luggage through a field in Africa, I get plenty of exercise and manage to stay healthy.

Thanks for the question, I hope to hear from you again soon!