Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Havana Club

Rum, Rum, Rum! I've ordered 3 Mojitos* since I've been back from my Cuba trip and I am truly spoiled... That muddled fresh mint leaves in a chilled glass, that fresh squeezed lime and the main ingridiant Havana Club RUM! I can duplicate the mint and the limes and even the chilled glass, but I can't seem to get my hands on some of that Havana Club Rum!
Its whats on my wish list.

If you like Mojitos and know of the best white rum to use, let me know which you prefer. Otherwise I'm going back to Cuba for a drink...whos coming with?

The reserve is good too.

(If you have connections with this, feel free to let me know:)
*I had to return one of the mojitos because it tasted nasty! I asked the server what it was and she said a mojito... it was made out of syrupy minty sauce and had horrible rum.

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