Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I shot a band today. "Pistol•Pistol" A friend of mine Byron (a.k.a Flex Mega Data)from Ponyboy Curtis manages this group of crazies. Alot of fun to shoot and it looks like these youngsters will go somewhere if they keep it up and stay out of the drug zone of rock and roll.

Heres a few more shots.
Taken with the Canon 5D, W/ 24-105mm Lens. Flashcord helped alot too.

I'm getting excited for my trip to Puerto Vallerta+Mexico City+????

Cheers readers!



Anonymous said...

I like the bottom one

ilippke said...

Nice shots! I dig the middle one- Looks like you're ina studio with black backdrop. Love that flashcord - are you holding by hand or on a monopod?

I'm dying to hear about cuba!!