Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shot of the week (1.20.08)

I was in Santa Barbara this past weekend.

Needed to get one of my best friends (Ralph) out of town for the weekend.
We decided visiting our Friend Brian Gump at UCSB would be good.
The 2 of us piled the TT with roadtrip gear and headed to SB's IV (Isle Vista) for a jam packed weekend full of Volleyball,Batting cages (brian and his crew are all on the ball squad), good food, Pi Phi tour (That whole scene is so new to me, I was fasinated as are many, thats why they're willing to pay $3000 a semester to live in the house) Anyways, good times this weekend were had by all.

Highlights included Crashing 3 parties ("Yeah, is Josh Snyder here? He said he'd be here! That Josh! Anyways, whats your name?") Volleyball and then helping Ralph choose a car to buy and driving it home. (His car is slick!) Its a white Nissan 350Z.

Anyways, before I keep going on and on and on like I can so easily do...I want to share my image of the week with you.
I took this as I was packed and Leaving Brian's apartment. Isle Vista in a Nutshell right there. (See Image Above)

Ralph's NEW ride. Such a slick car!

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