Thursday, January 10, 2008

Godfather on Melrose

I spent much of late tuesday doing just that... being a Godfather to Noah "Lil Jackson" Pacheco while his Dad Ceasar got a tattoo at LA INK.
I'd like to post some images of the tattoo, but then I'd get my legs broken by a few different people...its just not that worth it.
I will post a shot of Noah and his Nino between seeing Ceasar's half finished tattoo and dinner.(see above)

I like good graffiti like this, its one of my best friends.
Ann and I spent alot of time in limbo, relaxing and waiting for the tattooing process to be over.
I'll post a blog letting you know when the show will air and where to look for me carrying Noah onto the set for his first ever 3 minutes of fame. I have a feeling this kid is going to have alot more then 15 minutes of fame, but if thats not the case, he only has 12 more.

Ceasar's Tattoo turned out AMAZING! Hannah from TLC's LAink did an amazing job and anytime Ceasar's on camera, its always worth watching... stay tuned!!!


P.S. Ceasar is an amazing Make-up/Hair Stylist/designer. If you wanna look real good for some reason...hit him up, he's located in Huntington Beach. "The Vault" Ask for Ceasar.

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Anonymous said...

How fun was that!!!
I can't wait to see the tat..