Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade

I was in the parade this year!
My good friend Justin Rudd was the Grand Marshal for the whole parade!
I was happy to be apart of his parade crew, I captured a little video and its now floating around on a few sites. (Pretty On The Outside)

The video sums up my nite, (including the Santa Hat, which is something I've never worn in public)

+ PLUS+ A fun afterparty at the Long Beach Lippke Studio, Ira and Myself Hosted The Covolo's, Justin and Ralph, Audrey, Jon Phelps, Meric and Friend, Monica and friends, Desiree, Heather and Eric for the AFTER(after)party. (cheese video to follow...if your lucky)

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Boy About Town said...

great video! i was there for a bit but the chill was to much. nice site, found it through a general search of long beach blogs! hit me up