Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shot of the week (12.23.07)

I shot this tonight, I think its legit.
Warm Beach Camp 9pm.
Washington State.
1.8 Canon lens.

Its nice to be up here in the rainy Northwest...although I'm pretty sure God has cursed this area with horrible weather...worst in the entire world if you ask some of us (namely Ira and myself) we're working on getting my parents to move away from this area... it gets uglier and uglier every year... sad sad... its getting developed and losing the most beautiful resource, which is trees.
I'm excited for tomorrow, seeing old friends at church, chillen with an old old best friend, playing more basketball with Jonathan and maybe his teammate Caleb, both are from Highland Christian and share the spotlight for their basketball team. We played Last night on their teammate Craig's outdoor court. It was pretty slick (literally)
Alright folks, thats all I got tonight.

P.S. I'm excited for a new season of photography, I feel like I've improved sooo much this last year.


Kenny Allen said...

this picture is bomb!

you dont mind telling what kind of camera you use, do you? hhaha

Samuel Lippke said...

Thanks Kenny,
No I don't mind, I shoot with a Canon 5D. The lens is a 1.8 28mm.