Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Highlights

2007 Christmas Highlights:

17. Sleeping in till 8:30am (usually the kids get you up at 6am)
16. Waking up to a beautiful 230º view from ontop of the mountain (We're staying up at my sisters home)
15. Peppered beef jerky
14. Seeing that the lakers beat the Suns. (Kobe got 38 points, and the youngster Bynum had a season high 28 points...exciting for me!)
13. Watching snow flakes flutter from the sky.
12. Playing with all my nephews(not much better then makeshift indoor soccer)
11. Helping out some great Charities (Agros, Water Wells For Africa and 2 more I can't remember off the top of my head)
10. 2 hour nap on the couch
9. Taking classy photos of the family
8. Relaxing
7. Ham!
6. Staying warm with my new socks (I got 4 pairs! ha!)
5. Not leaving the house (only to shoot a picture of the mountains...see below)
4. Champagne
3. Winning 20+ games of Pente with Josiah (I lost alot to Ira today...dang!)
2. Lox and Bagels
1. Seeing the look on the kids eyes when they opened gifts (thats what really makes my plane ticket feel cheap and worth every

Anyways, here are a few pictures I thought you might like.
Its been a great trip up here, very relaxing and I've been able to see some tight friends. (Matt, Nathan, Damara, Will,Ben,Sally,Jonathan and like one I got to finally meet Benji and Tracy, they're my favorite people besides my family in WA. right now... wish they lived near me!)

I leave tomorrow! Get back to work, see my girl, shoot a wedding this weekend and prepare for my next big adventure!

Cheers to a New Year friends!


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