Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some Slick Threads

I like this band. "Steed Lord"They're from Iceland.
I like their Clothes and Style way better.
I like the thought of me wearing these clothes on the strip
I DON'T like the Euro vs. Dollar ratio...these T's are pricey...but if I see you wearing one, I'll know why...cuz they're legit!

Plus I'm hearing rumors of Steed Lord maybe teaming up with H&M and designing some clothes?? Now that would be 50/50 cool/bad. Everyone and they're little brother would be dressed to impress...but for really cheap and would cheapen the look... I'm not sure whats better. Expensive sweet clothes that now one has but everyone wants, or sweet cheap clothes that everyone has... I probablky wouldn't go with the latter... but whatever, it may be a win/win situation.

I'm out of words...


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