Thursday, December 06, 2007

Easy Links (to my other webpages)

Now there shouldn't be any issues in contacting me or seeing as much of me as you can handle.
Cheers friends.

Dang, I am awake way tooooo late!!! I switched stuff around on myspace and forgot to edit pictures... I guess after 6 months of NON-STOP editing, I am starting to feel really tried of my wrists used to feel better.
I'm really ready to sit back, relax with some spiked egg-nog (not homemade mom, that stuff is iccckkk!) watch some rain fall, read a book and act like I'm living in the 1920's (minus the "Courting" that seems to be pretty wacky) Also, I could use some good old fashion wood fire, the popping and crackling is very missed since the Tanya days at her Madre's home...

Alright, before I go off on a tangent and really stay up past my bed time, I want to advise you to look at my newest youtube video. its "Pretty gnarly, pretty crazy"


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