Friday, November 16, 2007

Volcom Shoot

I shot part of the Volcom catologue last week (for fall 2008)
I can't show much... so I won't post anything that gives anything away. (Just telling you... There are some slick clothes on the way!)
This shot is toasty though...
Plus a little bonus shot of me during one of the breaks while the model was changing.

Hopefully I'll shoot with them again soon, they're a fun crew with good ideas and most of all a really open mind to new artistic development... which is always nice to work with.

Alright crew, I need sleep, its been a crazy week.
Josiah's still in town, its been fun. I'm, also getting addicted to caffeine... ahhh!
Running tomorrow morning (8am? for reals?) I should have told Josiah later... I know that sounds late for some of my older readers, but for me and my late night body, thats too early!!! Say hello to coffee at about 11am tomorrow.

Alright, heres the last shot, I love these white "Ray-Bans" sunglasses, they're amazing!


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