Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Skydiving (again)

I'm hooked! I love it, you should come with me next time. Yes, I promise to give a further warning this time...like 3 weeks, instead of 1.5.

Some highlights:
1.Signing my signiture at least 35 times promising everyone I know that its my fault if I die. (thats not a highlight, except that I feel my john hancock is slightly more acceptable)
2. Doing backflips (3) out of a plane at 12,600ft above the ground. BONUS: With my little brother...missed you this time Ira.
3.The parachute opening.
4.Seeing the rest of my crew land safely.
5. That feeling when you land. something like "I love earth! mixed with...wow, I feel like I just had thearepy, I feel amazing, what other amazingly crazy thing can we survive?"
6. Surviving the ride home with Valarie driving... I was more calm jumping out the hatch of the plane!

Heres a few ground pictures I took.


Before we jumped (Valarie,Me, Audrey and Josiah)

After we landed.

I love the skydiving place we go to at Lake Elsinore, they're really legit, very friendly and all the girls I take with me seem to enjoy the good looking guy instructors...I'm still waiting for that cute girl instructor I can jump with...I'm thinking I should just give it up though... I'll stick with just going for the thrill of it.

Josiah, my little brother is in town!!! He was a huge drive for wanting to plan another skydiving venture.

Stylin in my Initium Sunnys

Thanks for the bonus shot of me val!

We were divided into 2 groups, Jump #1: Audrey, Josiah, Valarie and I. Jump #2: Mark,Audrean,Yayo and Brady(not pictured in order)

(first image is of Valarie, she jumped 1st, I stole that picture off of her myspace)

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