Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm a GodFather! (Nino)

Noah Pacheco (I call him "lil Jackson" since I got hooked on the thought of naming him Noah Jackson from the start) Anyways, he was born to 2 of my best friends in the whole world (Ceasar and Anneliese) Born, November 8th (nearly 2 weeks ago!)
I feel bad I haven't posted him on my blog yet, I've been slow with the blog flow lately...I'll catch you up on everything soon, have no worries!

I was sooo honored to be asked by Ceasar and Ann if I would be Noah's Godfather, I'm so excited and thrilled and also nervous to have such responsibility. Being a Godfather isn't an easy task, so I'm reading up on it and making sure I'll do a good job.

This Baby is super cute too, I'm so happy for them!!!

Love you guys Ceasar and Ann!


Take a look at this strapping young lad.

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