Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The skyline is so empty now!

Its September 11th.
I can still remember the exact place I was standing, the smell I had in my nostrils and the shivers I had down my spine when I watched CBS morning news 6 years ago today.
I remember watching in disbelief as the 2nd plane hit and knew for a fact it was on purpose. I couldn't figure out why someone would have so much hate in their hearts to do something of such horrible magnitude. I still feel the same. I still want to catch the people responsible and lock them up in a dark cell and let them bathe in their own malice and hate. I also have a feeling of hope knowing that Jesus came to earth and promised to return and clean this sinful world up.
So as I sit and reminisce about this day in 2001, I am reminded that life is short, I need to be living more for whats to come. Storing up my treasures where they won't rot, or be stolen. Be motivated this day to help your fellow man, to come alongside eachother like we did when our country was on our knees...no walls stood around churches, everyone in this whole nation turned into Americans, not democrat or republican... we were all united, caring for eachother and watching eachothers backs...

How can you do that still? How are you furthering Christ's kingdom from day to day? Oh and are you really going to drive w/your headlights on all day just to remember those that died? Or is that just the new myspace rumor? HA! I want to start a rumor that "Samuel Lippke is about to grow a huge beard,go on a phototrip and hunt Osama Bin down...end terrorism and be the hero of the world...!" but I guess that wouldn't really be storing my treasures in heaven... It'd be more like starting false hope throughout the myspace land.

So I'll just stick to what I'm doing. Encouraged and ready to make this world better, one picture at a time.

But honestly? Driving w/our headlights on? what is that going to solve or prove? I mean I think the only thing it will do is make us bitter when we come back to our car to find the battery dead and the lights flickering to the point where AAA is called. That will just turn all of our future 9/11's into a pain in the ear drum.
Lets do something like buy the homeless "Ben and Jerry's" Ice Cream, or furnish parks with padded benches or put free lemonade stands on our public beaches...just for the day.

yeah. bring it!


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angel swanson said...

hey! this post was just what i wanted to read today. i too can remember every detail about that horrible day... it was absolutely haunting. i join you in the desire to store up all my treasure in heaven; may everything we do be done for the glory of God alone.

on a lighter note, i'd like to say i endorse your suggestions and look forward to my padded park bench where i will enjoy some lemonade! :-)