Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cliff Jumping+116º weather+Jet Boat


Cliff Jumping+116º weather+Jet Boat...Yeah, all those things equal one rythems with Persion Gulf. Yup, you guessed it! LEGITMATE! (Alright, it depends on HOW you say it, but still, it was a good try.

What you are about to see is me jumping from a cliff, or pictures I shot of the other 3 guys that went on a bachelor party trip to Laughlin Nevada.

Heres a little sample of our adventures.

Cheers to safety friends.

Some highlights include:

•Surviving cliff jumping
•Surviving "Horse Play" in the pool. Jons head + my chin= still sore jaw.
•Driving a jet boat on an empty lake
•Watching slot machine gamblers waist away their quarters at 8am.
•In-N-Out 3 days in a row
•Seeing enourmous fish all over the lake...and then all at once at dock.
•Surviving the sharp spray of the jet Boats "Trim" (I know you won't do that again Jon...not to me at least)
•coming back to the studio with 6 weddings to sort and adjust... priceless!!!

Our cove.

Is it getting in you?


Our "crazy" 4 man Jet boat

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