Saturday, May 05, 2007

RENT... I saw it on Broadway NYC.

RENT is currently the 8th longest running musical in Broadway history, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in early 2006. The show has also toured the U.S. and been performed on five continents. Knowing that Larson is not here to enjoy this incredible success serves as a constant, poignant reminder of the show's message to live your life to the fullest, for there is "no day but today."-MTI (Music Theatre International)

I thought it to be a very sad story about homosexuality,aids, being ultra poor and freezing in NY. I also thought is was touching... It taught me some stuff about life in general and made me miss a certain someone whole lot more...

We got lucky when I won the lotto for rush tickets. $20 apiece 2nd row. Cheers to that!

I wanna see wicked next.


Has anyone seen wicked or RENT? What did you think? (Not the movie)

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Angela said...

i saw wicked last week at the Pantages Theater in LA. It was really good, a good examination of whether we are born evil or if we become evil by our experiences.... Anyhow, i am glad you had a good time in Mexico/NYC. Talk to you later...