Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Our Beach

Palawan was wild.
Amazing weather.
Perfect water.
Mangos for breakfast,lunch and dinner.
Scuba Diving.
Swimming all day.
BAM. I'm ready to start work. it was my much needed once a year all out vacation and an end to the adventure that is the Philippines.

I'm boarding a flight back to LAX tonight.

Hung out with Filipino superstars Richard Gutierrez & KC Concepcion.
They were filming their newest movie "When I met you" on our mini island.
I guess KC is like the filipina Megan Fox and Richard is the Filipino Zac Efron... or something of that sort. KC's yoga instructor Al was my island volleyball/cocktail friend for a few days until he left. Justine KC's god sister was fun to chill with as well.

Anyways. Heading home now!

We hiked up to Eagles Point

Audrey and I built a sand wall. it turned into a pool when the tide came in.

Cocktail after cocktail.

I still had energy after the long hike
This place was amazing! I highly recommend it. I'll write more about this later!
Cheers and maybe I'll see you sometime soon in the states!

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