Friday, January 09, 2009

Loboc,Bohol :Trip Day 11 *REAL DEAL*

That little building to the left is where we ate a bunch of our meals. about the middle of the image is where we slept in huts. The place is "Nuts Huts"

I have 12 min to write this because my laptop is nearly out of power and this place doesn't have an outlet anywhere.
So I'm going to post images and write details under each usual.

Here goes.

We're in Bohol. We found a boat to take us up river to a location I found online called nuts nuts.

the river was nasty.

Arriving at Nuts Huts.Relaxing in the hammock at the top of Nuts huts.
200 stairs in total.

Dining area at Nuts Huts

Rice patties on the roadside on our motorcycle ride to the Chocolate Hills.
More hiking.
Chocolate hills...spearmint chocolate.

thats a flippin huge moth!
Stopping at a cathedral + the view from one of the Chocolate hills.
10 minutes before our motorcycle mudslide crash.
Nite at the huts.

Searching through the rainy forest for Tarsiers

We found some! Those are Tarsiers!

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jo-dilly said...

dang i wish i could leave comments for pictures. well whatever. the places look so pretty where you guys have been traveling thru.