Wednesday, June 20, 2007

22nd Birthday dinner.

I reserved spots for 22. around 35 showed up,
Getting older is less about presents, more about appearences (So if someone shows up, thats like a $50 present)
It was so fun to have everyone at one huge table! To have all of my friends mingling and enjoying themselves.
After the Dinner at the Belmont Brewery, we all went to the Lippke Studio, had the best cheesecake that mankind can dream of, we listened to some fun music and then watched Ira and I's skydiving video from our first jump (last year). We sold another one of our friends to jump with us on the upcoming Monday.

Props to Ira, amazing cheesecake and cleanup!
Big thanks to Cole and Brittany for the amazing present! (Stereo iPod dock)
Lots a thanx ta Justine for making the trek out to attend... twice!

Heres some pictures for you to enjoy!

22!!! I feel sooo old now!

Hammer lines and Heffenwizen

Cole and Brittany

Ceasar and Ann

Ira and Jon, my brothers!

Kesley and Danielle

Courtney and Ralph love me.

Ceasar Maneezer! (best friend +Hair stylist+ workout partner)

Justine and Katie Reno

My boys!

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