Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is this my computer or my pillow? Wow!

I'm busy! Crazy busy, wacko busy, insane-o busy, extremely busy and maybe even too busy for real words... (Wambastically busy).
The good Lord hath blessed me w/work.
So I'm going to get right back too it once I finish this little blog update.

•working 40+ hours a week as the new Studio manager (LA branch)
•working nights editing personal jobs, favors and trying to keep a small social life(which pretty much means talking to the employees at Femima connivance store and the occasional homeless person I pass by, on the way to get energy drinks)
•Art Show this Saturday at *THE LAB* in Costa Mesa.
•Upcoming feed the Homeless ride. stay tuned.

I'm planning 2 trips right now... actually 3! Cuba, Uganda and NY (for thanksgiving with my brother)
Cuba has been the tough one...I'm trying to get a AP pass, but its harder then it looks... Trying to work with some friends at CBS and getting clues and hints how to get in. I want to document the beautiful country and really take it all in...this will be a phototrip that I've invited 3 other guys on (Wignall,Trine and Sjoberg) we'll see if they actually end up coming w/me... otherwise I'll be on my own.
Uganda in January... I need to buy these tickets too! Probably heading up the crew of 4-6 people. A two week trip to some of the most remote areas of Africa, working with invisible children, ServLife and various other non profit charities.
January 14th, after Bronson and Chelcie's wedding.

NYC thanksgiving chillen w/Ira and his new brownstone apartment in the upper westside of Manhattan.

I have a new intern.
Allison is crazy busy w/her own personal job and school, so I needed someone else to help me edit and teach the photography trade...I'm always looking for trust worthy, talented individuals that are interested in becoming photographers... I like teaching and more over, I like watching people progress and work for me for free... its a win win situation for everyone.

Thats my update!
I've been really enjoying this restaurant on 2nd st. "The Magic Lamp" go check it out. I'm really craving it right now!

10 photoshoots to post-produce.
1 more tomorrow nite.

Cheers to productive late nights huddled around the G5.


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