Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Winter Weather equals more beard?

Yeah it sure does, infact its made me more productive, the ladies tend to love it (who cares if they're cougars?) keep me warm when I'm supposed to be cold, makes me look like I belong in plaid and holding an axe... its my newest accessory... may I introduce you to.... my beard!

Ira shot these of me at the Cook wedding, Rancho Las Lomas last weekend.


Shave it! said...

Ladies love the beard? Not this one. J/K!

I like how your tag is "Bearded monster"

angel said...

i think the most appropriate tag is "legit." 2 legit to quit! :-) hope you are well!

..... said...

personally... i think the beard is a brilliant idea on your part. i hope you keep it for at least a few weeks.