Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting things in order.

This is me pondering different subjects in simple ways...if only it were all this simple...or is it?

•Life (making it more adventurous)
•Business (More efficiant)
•Relationships (cleaner, more innocent, less serious)
•Blog (new Skin)
•Pictures (New site partnership
•Travels (Hush hush trip brewing. Wignall you in?)
•Church ( is really starting to pick up speed, its exciting)
•Friends (I need to spend more time w/ya'll)
•Celebrity (Almost went to Hillary Duffs party tonight...she probably wouldn't have showed up though)
•Workingout (NO xplode works me out everytime)
•Ira (Expects alot, we need to be on Amazing Race together... he can take alot from me & vice Versa)
•Beer (I had the best glass of beer today w/Cole... "Blue Moon" 28.4º F)
•Uganda (Need to make further plans)
•Bali (wish I could go to Scott's wedding)
•2:01 am (I need sleep)
•Ex (I Wonder how she is...miss her friendship)
•Famima (euro/Japanese 7/11 style convince store... it rules)
•Myspace (has been good to me)
•Snoopy (Tomorrow nite!)
•Spanish Wine (MMMMmmmm)
•2:03 (goodnight)

Which way to all the answers? huh? what? over there? shud up, your lyin!

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