Thursday, March 15, 2007

St. Patricks day miss-conception

St. Patricks day started back in 1947, when a young man that went by the name of Master P, started a gang and called themselves the "P GANG" soon it evolved into a local phenomenon that everyone needed to wear the color of Master P's gang or they would be shot at some point in the day. in 1956, Master P died. Everyone was so happy that he was finally dead, that they named him a "saint" and soon made a day (March 17th) to remember Master P's horrible reputation of shooting those that did not follow in the green ways...To this day we have one day that is filled with cruelty and falsehood, we are allowed to pinch and grab those that do not follow in the "green code". times have changed...but the green is still alive.
Master P's real name was Patrick Garaldine Lemrick and became Saint Patrick Garaldine Lemrick after his death.

Please do not dis the may end up with a busted cap in your head...or at least a purple welt.


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