Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Advice (2006)

Hey Friends!
Hope all is well with you.
I know that the Holidays can be stressful, its good for you. But too
much stress can really make you wanna die... and thats bad. So take
my advice on at least 3 of these things, I look forward to this every
year during the holiday season.

1. Egg Nog Mochas (You can make your own, don't feel the need to pay
$3.85 for a little Bevy.)
2. Mistle Toe (2 words "Oh yeah!")
3. Curling up with a big blanket next to the fire place (Make sure
there is a fire going)
4. Get yourself a christmas gift... I recommend a new Car.
5. Read the Christmas Story (Not the one about Elves and presents)
6. Take a deep breath and look around, enjoying the twinkling lights
(If its day time, look for... ummm... just wait till its dark OK)
7. Buy a new scarf...then wear it around. It warms your neck, which
in turn lowers stress.
8. Dress up nice and go to dinner with some of your closest friends.
(If you have zero friends, just sit at home and find some on
9. Listen to Burl Ives.
10. Learn something about yourself (I've found I love Honey baked ham!)
11. Shop @ Marshals, that place kicks!
12. Find a good christmas tree and deck it out!
13. Add everything together on one night and I guarantee it'll be the
best (Non-Stressful) night of the holiday!
14. Focus on your family and tight friends. Christmas is totally
kickin if everyone around you is having a good time... thats partly
your job.

K, thats it. I hope this helps you out a little.
OH! One more thing, don't eat the mistle toe! It does not give you
good luck with the opposite sex for life. Stupid wives tale.

Merry Christmas!


If you don't have a family, adopt mine... we're crazy, but you'll love it!
Here we are in full effect!


Ira Lippke said...

Hey, Why isn't Dad in this shot??

Samuel Lippke said...

He is in the shot... next to Liam (Cow Suit)